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March 14, 2018

On March 14, 2018 students, teachers, school admins, parents, and all allies at Portland State University will be gathering at Urban Plaza at 10am to present a united front. This is part of a national movement, where for 17 minutes at 10am students nationwide are leaving their classrooms to protest Congress’ lack of a response […]

Who: Thirdstory Where/When: Hawthorne Theater March 26th, 2018 For Fans of: Sinead Harnett, Allen Stone, Eryn Allen Kane, Emily King Find Tickets Here All Ages-Bar w/ID I first heard Thirdstory through their connection to Eryn Allen Kane–a soulful voice that’s been featured on Chance The Rapper’s album–I’m always searching for songs/artists that she’s collaborating with. What […]

Should guitar solos be illegal? Can we write about drugs tastefully? How do you make a film that doesn’t suck? This week on Holy Lung Radio Hour we answer the important questions, as we welcome special guest and dear friend Cole Miller.   Cole is a short story writer, currently a BFA student […]

Every couple months, my KPSU radio show Six Degrees of Rockination has a theme. In March 2018, that theme was “Bands From North Carolina.” What songs did I play? Superchunk – “Precision Auto” When you mention North Carolina rock ‘n’ roll, the Chapel Hill band Superchunk is the first band a lot of people will […]

Week Seven of Spooky Saturday. Thanks for listening, keep it creepy.

Week Six of Spooky Saturday. Thanks for listening, keep it creepy.

  Gallery featuring Office Products , Angel-11, Dead air fresheners , Fischkopf Sinfoniker  at KPSU Smith event venue. As a collaboration with Parkway North Project, Kpsu hosted a free all ages experimental music show. This is one of the many events that KPSU puts on throughout the academic school year so make sure to be […]

hlh;vl;vrJAIJOBUI HJNVHUGsdjhvldlkja ifigerijagggjkallkgdfkjoeruewiutiewurajcnjaowjdhappyinternationalwomensday! janet drank all my kombucha and is also leaving me in 2 weeks. accepting applications for new radio co-host and wife. women are cool. what is women? woman? who? wat 10/10 great blog post would post again haahahaha  

To begin this concert review I have to say, WOW. Never have I ever seen two opening acts that complimented the Headlining Band so well. The Wrecks were the perfect beginning to the show. From the moment they stepped on-stage the energy was high and the audience was dancing, despite the band having such a […]

who wants to get us these rosemary fries? I was hanging out with my grandma this weekend and she made up a story about spies on the beach and it was, how you say, inspiration! Then Cody came and added some Buddy Holly and here we are, nine months later, spitting carrots onto the carpet. […]


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