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Hi there listener/reader. Today the weather was outrageously outstanding yet entering into the dungeons of Smith to do my broadcast was essentially extravagant. Joined by a friend today who helped with some crucial decision making! The playlist is more upbeat than the usual tired sounds I typically play. I thought the spring like weather deserved […]

Hey y’all I spun some vinyl today, new and old. My roommate across the hall moved out so the empty room’s acoustic nature amplifies everything from my yawns to my farts. 🙂 ~Casey

    Spun some vinyl for the first time on my show this sunday. The mix includes music from the likes of Bibio, Daniel Menche, Benoit Pioulard, and Pan American. Don’t float and drive kiddos! This mix will induce tired lids and drifty minds. 🙂 ~Casey

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, I like to think that it would sound something like Benoit Pioulard’s Stanza series. The cover art of course inspired that initial thought, depicting the underside of a fallen tree. Playing the cassette copy of this release on my handheld […]

Greetings, You are listening to Strange Sounds Episode XXX featuring DJ Casey from Float Tank. https://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1518231601.mp3   Playlist Below Enjoy, -DJ Freitag, DJ Casey

  I have been out of the studio for quite a bit of time but I had no problem conjuring up a tasty mix of tunes for your precious little eardrums. Starting with some Montreal based musicians, dropping potent rock music, churning chops, and bleeping bloops, the mix turns to eclectic avenue and introduces some […]

Her great ocean birthed all that has been and all that will come She held you once, warm and sunk in her float tank As you slept underwater

  A couple of weeks ago, a favourite musician of mine Thomas Melcuh, known as Benoit Pioulard came to Portland from his home of Seattle Washington to play a show at The Old Church in SW PDX with Austin TX instrumental band Balmorhea. Being the nice personable guy that he is, Thomas was quick to […]

  I found Machinone’s music initially by way of journeys through the soundcloud. A favourite musician of mine, Bibio, had shared one of Machinone’s tracks on his own soundcloud page. I don’t take Bibio suggestions lightly so I surely followed the link and gave it a listen. What I heard was nothing short of exactly […]


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