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Hour One:  Dave Martone, Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Skye, Stephen Bennett & others Hour Two:  Travis Larson Band, Dave Martone, a bunch of blues, Larry Coryell & others    

Hour One: Hour Two:  

Hour One:   Hour Two:  

Hour One: Hour Two:    

Hour One:  4:00-5:00 p.m. Hour Two:  5:00-6:00 p.m.

Hour One: Hour Two:

Hour One:  Travis Larson Band, Steve Morse/Dixie Dregs, Mary Flower, Lawrence Blatt & others   Hour Two: Kaki King, Vicky Genfan, Eric Skye, Warren Haynes & more –  

Hour One:     Hour Two:    

Hour One – Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Travis Larson Band, Dixie Dregs, Lita Ford, etc. Hour Two –  Dream Theater, the Great Kat, Al Dimeola, Sonny Landreth & Derek Trucks    

Hour One – Female bassists and the rock group Fanny   Hour Two – Joanna Connor, female classical guitarists and jazz guitarist Mary Osbourne  


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