The first part of the hour, Kay speaks on Kanye West as well as playing some new songs. The second part of the show Kay sits with Swiggle Mandela, Jvstnjoy, Timmi HendriXXX and LAi the most high. They speak on some exciting projects and Vibe with Kay. As well as drop an EXCLUSIVE never before heard […]

Starting at the 10 min. mark catch up with Hip-hop news of the week of April 15th, 2018. During the first half of Vibes Kay speaks on Marijuana while playing some OG rappers and newer cats. The next half hour of Vibe is dedicated to the album release of J. Cole, KOD. “Happy 420 to all […]

Back from what seemed like an eternity, Kay brings Vibes back to life. The week of April 8th, 2018 she speaks on the new album dropped by Cardi B. She also talks on the new Nicki Minaj, Drake, and some 6ix9ine. Join her at the beginning of something new.   “Wooooooh, I have missed being […]

Learn about the roots of La Familia Gang Music. Kay speaks with core members, Swiggle Mandela, Timmi HendriXXX, J.C Cordeta, and K. Prync. This full hour is all about the music and fun Vibes. Want more, go on… Listen. “This was the first time I met LFGM, and I could not be more impressed. If […]


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